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The Olive Robotics GNSS module is a compact and versatile navigation sensor that provides high-precision positioning and location information for robotic systems. It features a high-sensitivity GNSS receiver and a built-in antenna that provides accurate and reliable positioning information even in challenging environments.


Key Features

Introducing the OLV-GNX01, a high-performance GNSS module designed by Olive Robotics for seamless integration onto your ROS-based robotic system. With its NMEA-0183 compliance, this GNSS module is capable of generating GLL, GGA, VTG, and RMC messages, providing you with accurate and reliable location data.

The OLV-GNX01 is capable of tracking up to 22 satellites simultaneously while searching for 66 satellites, ensuring maximum satellite coverage and accuracy. The module produces messages of type 'sensor_msgs/NavSatFix' and 'sensor_msgs/NaxSatStatus', making it easy to integrate with your robot's existing navigation system.

Whether you are operating in urban or rural environments, the OLV-GNX01 provides unparalleled accuracy and reliability. With its compact size and easy installation, the OLV-GNX01 is the perfect solution for your global positioning needs.

Technical Specifications

Part NumberOLV-GNX01
Connection InterfaceUSB Type-C
Communication ProtocolROS 1&2 (Virtual Ethernet / IPV4)
CommunicationUSB Type C - Ethernet Over USB
Sample rate10 Hz
Weight62 grams
Dimensions WxHxD40x40x45 mm
Native ROS Messagessensor_msgs/NavSatFix, sensor_msgs/NavSatStatus
Operating Temperature0 ~ 55 °C

Sensor Specifications

Part NumberOLV-GNX01
Satellites22 tracking, 66 searching
Patch Antenna Size15mm x 15mm x 4mm
Update rate1 to 10 Hz
Position Accuracy< 3 meters
Velocity Accuracy0.1 meters/s
Warm/cold start34 seconds
Acquisition sensitivity-145 dBm
Tracking sensitivity-165 dBm
Maximum Velocity515m/s
Operating Voltage3.0-5.5VDC
Operating Current25mA while tracking, 20mA while navigation
OutputNMEA 0183
Supported Augmentation SystemsDGPS / WAAS / EGNOS
PRN channelsUp to 210
Other FeaturesJammer detection and reduction
Multi-path detection and compensation
FCC E911 compliance and AGPS support
(Offline mode : EPO valid up to 14 days)


  1. Follow the Quick Start Guide for Olive Robotics robot modules to connect the device and start using it.

  2. When the GNSS is correctly connected to your system, you can check that the expected ros topics are present. On your host PC run:

    ros2 topic list
    ros2 topic list

    The following ROS topics showed be shown:

  3. Visualize the data using one of the available options.

  4. Change the parameters like IP, ROS topic name, etc. using the embedded web interface. You just need to open your browser on your host computer and enter the IP address of the device. If you didn't change the default IP address, then it must be

ROS Topics

Topic NameMessage TypeTypeDescription
.../gnxsensor_msgs/NavSatFixPublisherThe current navigation satellite fix status.

Advanced Settings

The device allows certain parameters to be changed at runtime. To get an overview of all changeable parameters use ros2 param list. To change a parameter use ros2 param set /dcm_gnx <parameter> <new_value>. These are the supported ROS parameters.

ParameterTypeRange MinRange MaxDefaultDescription
frequencyint01010Status publish rate